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    "Without music, life would be a mistake - Friedrich Nietzsche."

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    Basile Verschaeve is a French saxophonist / multi-instrumentalist, composer-performer

    with various musical influences.

    First, he studied classical music at the Versailles Conservatory where he was mentored by Vincent David.

    Then he got graduated with honors from the School of Contemporary Music ATLA while,

    in parallel, he studied Musicology for three years at the Sorbonne in Paris IV.

    He has surrounded himself with mentors and talented artists to develop and share his different sources of inspiration,

    such as electro, rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop.

    In 2015, Basile joined the Geek x VRV band, as saxophonist and keyboardist.

    Since ever, Basile tours around the world, and plays in most major international festivals such as Coachella, Osheaga, Solidays, Dour, Les Eurockéennes Of Belfort, Delta Festival, The electronic beaches of Lisbon...

    He is also solicited as a musician by great artists such as Gramatik, Ofenbach, Lou, Eloiz...

  • Performances

    Basile has performed with several international artists as both a side man and part of The Geek x Vrv band


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    The Geek x VRV


    Basile is part of the band, as saxophonist and keyboardist.

    The Geek x VRV have been busy splitting their time between touring in Europe and hitting the studio to craft tunes bearing their signature sound: a dynamic, sample-heavy blend of genres like funk, jazz, and soul with an electro-hip-hop twist.




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    Gramatik, is probably one of the biggest contenders in today's electro-soul and funk-influenced movement.

    Basile has been sharing a few of the highlights on Gramatik's stage at different occasions especially for the Zenith of Paris...






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    Ofenbach is a French DJ duo. The "Be Mine" song is gold-certified with more than 300 million streams.
    In 2017, they released “Katchi” with Nick Waterhouse.

    They released a mini-album including their three hits Be Mine, Katchi and Paradise...

    Their new single “Insane” was out end of 2019.


    Basile played Live Saxophone for some 2019 Summer Festivals, "Printemps de bourges", "Aurillac en scène"...



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    The boom of the saxophone nightclub is undeniable.

    For several years, Basile has been playing in the biggest nightclubs in Paris.

    As a live sax performer, he can put a unique stamp on tracks like no other, improvising alongside with whatever the DJ is playing - adaptability is one of his key strengths.


    Teaser - L'aquarium Club Paris






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    The Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life and choosing the right music in an essential part of the planning process.
    The saxophone is the perfect instrument to create a warm atmosphere for this very special day.
    Basile can play solo during the cocktail with a jazzy playlist and with your Dj for the night party.






  • Collaborations

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    Custom saxophone mouthpieces, designed and manufactured in France.
    Create your custom mouthpiece.



    My words about SYOS :

    "With this new generation of tailor-made mouthpieces, SYOS brings together passion, innovation and design, offering the opportunity for musicians to express themselves without limits. I have been immediately seduced by the ease of picking up the mouthpiece, its comfort and its precision. A big Bravo to SYOS team for your attentiveness and professionalism !"






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    Légère Reeds


    Légère produces premium synthetic saxophone reeds. Légère Reeds produce a warm, rich sound and have all the advantages of a synthetic:

    • instant response right out of the box, no pre-moistening needed
    • consistent and reliable
    • unaffected by any weather - humid or dry; hot or cold
    • tough, durable and long lasting - one lasts for months, not days
    • cost effective


    My words about Légère :

    "It's not easy for a saxophonist to find the ideal setup, it was with Légère that I found mine.

    With the Signature series for my Alto Saxophone, I have been immediately seduced by the ease of play, the instant, rich and warm tone they responded to me.

    I have been using these reeds for several months now, and I am also quite impressed by their incredible durability. Thanks to Légère for offering every woodwind musician such a reliable reed!"




    **A special thanks to Pierre Bonraisin from "La Boite Noire du Musicien" for his support about this collaboration**

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    BG Franck Bichon is among first French wind instruments accessories makers .Our range includes more than 300 products including a variety of ligatures, straps, cleaning swabs, pad driers and numerous accessories.



    "When details make the difference"

  • Contact

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,

    or whether you want to book me for :

    an event company or private, a wedding, a cocktail, a party... or discuss collaborations.
    I’m always interested to hear from music lovers.

    Paris - FRANCE
    +33 6 50 17 41 69
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